Why is Navaratri celebrated as of 9 days?

The word Navaratri it self indictes nine nights in Sanskrit, nava meaning nine and ratri meaning nights. 

During Navaratri, these nine nights, nine forms of Devi(Shakti) worshiped. During these nine nights, nine forms of Devi(Shakti) worshiped. Navaratri have a great importance in Hindu culture and religion.

Durga, the Mother Goddess of the Hindus and a form of Devi and Shakti, considered to manifested in various forms, and Navadurga Maa believed to be the most sacred aspects of Goddess Durga. The nine forms of Durga, which collectively called Navadurga or Nine Durgas:

  1. Pratipada  Shailaputri
  2. Dwitiya  Brahmacharini
  3. Tritiya  Chandraghanta.
  4. Chaturthi Kushmanda.
  5. Panchami Skandamata.
  6. Shashti Katyayani.
  7. Saptami Kaalratri.
  8. Ashtami Mahagauri.
  9. Navami Siddhidhatri.

The nine manifestations of Maa Durga that worshiped with fervor during Navratri, believed to lift divine spirit in us to help us overcome obstacles and get liberated from unnecessary qualities to be filled with new freedom and purity.

Navratri is celebrated in a wide range of ways. Ramlila, a celebration in which scenes from the Ramayana are performed, is organised in North India, mainly in Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Bihar, and Madhya Pradesh. The burning of King Ravana’s effigies marks the conclusion of the story on Vijayadashami. 

The 10 evils of Life

9 days of worship to the Mother Goddess Durga, the source of energy helps us get rid of 10 evils of our own life. The 10 days (including Vijaya Dasami) refers to 10 evils.

1) Kama (Lust) 

2) Krodh (Anger)

3) Lobh (Greed)

4) Moh (Attachment)

5) Ahankar (Ego)

6) Darr (Fear)

7) Irsha (Jealousy)

8) Jadta (Inertia)

9) Nafrat (feel)

10) Paschataap (Guilty) 

It believed that if someone worships the Goddess Durga with all her/his hearts, then the mother destroys these ten evils and gives peace to the worshiper.

As most of the people won’t be known to this part.

When Shri Ram went to Lanka, to get back Sitaji, Ravan was warned to release Sitaji with pride and he shall be spared, instead of, Ravan chose war and when all his sons and commanders were killed one by one, Ravan himself came to the battlefield and he was so sore that he completely overpowered Shri Ram.

Shri Ram felt helpless that day and the end of the day Shri Ram was so tense, thinking of it intensely, Laxman was sitting beside him, Sugriv, Jamvant, and hanuman sitting at his feet below, Jamvant being the most senior asked Shri Ram why are you so despondent it was just a day, you are Shri Ram, then Shri Ram said: “I’m not worried that Ravan won today when I was fighting him I saw he wasn’t fighting alone Maa Durga (Shakti) was making him fight, I can fight Ravan but how can I fight Maa Durga”.

Then Jamvant said, that shows he has worshipped Maa Durga, if he has worshipped Durga then you also worship Durga and then fight, now Laxman will lead, you pay full attention in worshipping, so Maa Durga will manifest and give you gift, Shri Ram sent hanuman to the lake of Debidaha to get 108 lotus flowers to start the meditation, the first day of meditation is celebrated as the first day of Navratri, then till 9th-day Shri Ram reached the top level.


And when the last lotus was remaining, Maa Durga thought of checkiing how focussed he is to his mark, so she took a test, she hid the 108th lotus, when Shri Ram kept his hand for the last lotus, it wasn’t there, Shri Ram got worried as he cannot afford to lose the war because of a single lotus, so he thought that he had 2 lotus in his body as his mother used to say my son has a lotus in his eyes, and with no other choice Shri Ram thought of taking his one eye out, he took a bow and was placing it right over his eye and before he could do that Maa durga appeared and stopped him, after that Shri Ram went to war and Killed Ravan and that day is celebrated as Dashhhera.

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