What will happen if we eat Fevicol? Make it at home.

Fevicol has cyanoacrylate glue. this is the same as a bio glue contains, up to some amount this has lesser side effects. But, we have to take care of our children due to digesting system can not consume in children by that reason we keep in mind it can not become edible in all forms and quantities.

In simple views, it’s not edible, helps us with medical properties under observation it can take. It’s not convenient to eat hot glue. This is made from thermoplastic polymers, a part of plastic, which harms to our digestive system and may lead to jamming or other dangerous health issues.

Although, Fevicol SH is the right adhesive. It proves a long-lasting elasticity bond and may work with high forces. This help in wood, laminate, MDF, and another boards types.

As a parent, we have to worry about it. So, take care of kids’ health and keep your eyes on them whenever they work with any unusual things. Which becomes harmful to their health.

Nowadays many guardians use edible glue. Which can prepare at home in a few things. This will help to reduce your worry and you may focus on other work.

Recipe of edible glue from your kitchen things:


1.       ¾ cup water.

2.       1 teaspoon cornstarch

3.       ½ cup corn syrup

4.       ¾ cup cold water

5.       1 teaspoon of vinegar

6.       Mix it well

7.       Store in an airtight container

This glue is very handy and u can use it in your bakery decoration for fondant cakes, cookies and pastries.

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