Twitter Blue for Android costs at $11/ month same as iOS

Google’s Android users will be able to purchase Twitter Blue’s monthly subscription for $11, the same price as for Apple’s iOS users. Twitter said on its website. The higher pricing for Android users is likely to offset fees charged by Android’s Google Play Store, like Apple’s App Store.

Elon Musk-owned Twitter has announced the price of Twitter Blue subscription for Android. The company offers a cheaper annual plan for web users when compared to monthly charges.

What is Twitter Blue?

All Twitter Blue features will be available immediately except the blue checkmark, which may take time to appear to ensure review of subscribed accounts meet all requirements.

Until now, It used the blue checkmark to indicate active, notable, and authentic accounts of public interest that Twitter had independently verified based on certain requirements. Now the blue checkmark may mean two different things: either that an account was verified under the previous verification criteria (active and authentic), or that the account has an active subscription to Twitter Blue. Learn more about the different forms of verification on Twitter.


  • Undo Tweet: Not quite an edit tool, but you can preview a tweet after publishing it and revise it. You have up to 60 seconds to undo a tweet, reply or thread you’ve posted to Twitter.
  • Ad-free articles: Read stories from The Los Angeles Times, The Washington Post, BuzzFeed, Rolling Stone and more — without advertisements. More than 45 sites are available with others coming. Also, a piece of your subscription fee goes directly to these sites. Note that “ad-free” applies just to these articles and not elsewhere in Twitter.
  • Reader for threads: Long threads are now easier to read thanks to the new Reader Mode. As you scroll through a thread, large tiles will showcase each tweet underneath, displaying only the tweet and any accompanying videos or photos. Distractions like the username, avatar, date and numbers are all gone when enabled. You can also customize text size.
  • Bookmark folders: Bookmark tweets? Now you can organize your messy bookmarks into folders so that they’re easier to find. Whenever you bookmark a tweet, you’ll be asked if you want to add it to a folder.
  • Custom navigation: If Twitter’s navigation bar doesn’t work quite like you want. You can customize it and add bookmarks, lists, profile and monetization icons (iOS only).
  • App Icons: You now choose a different Twitter app icon for your home screen. Eight permanent icons and three seasonal ones (iOS only)
  • Themes: Choose between six theme colors: blue (original), yellow, red, purple, orange and green (iOS only).
  • Experimental features: Use unreleased experimental features, such as pinned DM conversations and 10-minute long video uploads (desktop only).



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