Top 10 Battleground Mobile India Player(BGMI) of India 2022

Over the last decade in India, 19% of the population spends between 1-7 hours playing mobile games in a week and 11% between 7-14 hours. Indian E-Sports scenarios enlarged on a big scale, and Most of the credit goes to PUBG Mobile. This is the first-ever mobile game to introduce India to esports. But unfortunately, PUBG got banned last year by the Government of India due to the Player’s privacy concerns. And when it comes back with a new name Battleground Mobile India (BGMI), expectedly to get a massive response.

It’s challenging to determine who are the best BGMI performers in India. Well, here I am with the list of the best 10 BGMI players but before that let me consider, that this list is based on people’s votes, so apologetic if you can’t find your favorite player in this list. Here is the most top 10 best BGMI players in India so you can check out below.

  • Jonathan
  • Scout
  • Mavi
  • Vexe
  • Snax
  • ZGod
  • TED
  • Goblin
  • Clutchgod

Jonathan Amaral aka “JONATHAN”

Jonathan Amaral was born on 21 September 2002 in Goa. Later his family shifted to Mumbai. He lives with his family members, including his mother, father, and elder sister. In contrast, he has completed his graduation in Jonathan is primarily a BGMI professional and he not only streams BGMI but also competes in tournaments. He is currently considered one of the best BGMI players in India and is famous in the community.

Tanmay Singh aka “Sc0utOP”

Scout has loved football since childhood and wanted to play football internationally for his country. He played state-level tournaments at Kolkata as a professional player.
During one incident, he suffered an injury to the hamstring. The doctor recommended a bed rest of about six months as it was a serious injury. And this forced him to play PUBG Mobile to pass the time. He has been a dependence in PUBG Mobile Esports in India since its commencement and is maybe. He’s regular with his BGMI Stream currently, which signals his grinding towards forthcoming battlefields mobile esports. He is best known for his insane M416+6X sprays.

Harmandeep Singh Mavi aka “MAVI”

Mavi is an Indian e-sports player known for pubg and bgmi mobile games. He hails from Panjab. His is 2 thumbs + gyroscope player. Mavi is 23 years old as of 2022.And also won many bgmi and pubg mobile touenaments. Mavi is top of the list in the besy IGL(in-Game leader).

Arth Trivedi aka “Vexe”

VEXE is an esports player BGMI . His full name is Arth Trivedi. He is known for his support sprays and assaulting skills and has wowed everyone with his capacities. Vexe was the alternate-stylish fragger in the PMPL South. He is very passionate about the game and many believe that VEXE is one of the best assaulters in India due to his close-range fights.

Raj Verma aka “snax”

Raj Varma was born on Dec 06, 1999, in Hyderabad. Raj completed his schooling in Hyderabad. Snax is a Best bgmi players in India from India who presently represents Team XO. He’s a attacker and platoon gun. In light to fact that also famous for content inventor honored for his assaulting tips and tricks on his Youtube channel. People know Snax for using DP-28 as nobody does, his skills with DP-28 are just amazing.

Abhishek  Choudhary aka “ZGOD”

Abhishek “ ZGOD” Choudhary is a well-known Best BGMI player in India and banderole who now represented TSM Entity and Zero Degree in the game. For his side, the 18- time-old from Jaipur, Rajasthan, plays as a support attacker. He has had a long-standing journey in the Indian community and is currently a part of the GodLike Esports and his role is of Support. He was also among the top 10 fraggers of PMWL East.

Manmeet Singh aka “TED”

Manmeet Singh Best BGMI player in India Team Synerge’s front attacker. On 28th May 2021, he joined Red Owl Gaming. While Playing for SynerGE, Ted and Shryder have proven why they’re the finest players in the world many times with their Final Zone Clutches. At present he’s an active member of Red Owl gaming. He used to play for 8Bit and CSPG India, he joined SynerGE back in January 2020.

Naresh Kumar aka “SEERVI”

Naresh Kumar is an Indian eSports player who started his career with Team ImmortalsAfter some time Seervi joined Team Psyche later he played Pubg Mobile for the team SynerGE as a team leader. Seervi left the team SynerGY and joined Galaxy Racer as an IGL. Seervi Joined Team Galaxy Racer on 8 September 2020. He is one of the most harmonious players in the South Asia region in BGMI/ PUBG Esports for his platoon-SynerGE.

Harsh Paudwal aka “GOBLIN”

Harsh Paudwal famous as Goblin is an Indian Gamer, YouTuber, and the eSports athlete for Team SouL. He was born in 2002, in Maharashtra. Harsh completed his schooling in Maharashtra. Currently he is the best entry fragger in the community and he is praised by all the Indian gaming community members. He is known for his pan kills as many times we have seen him panning alive players in the games. Goblin’s current teammates: Omega (IGL), Goblin (Attacking), Akshat (Support), Hector (Attacking)

Vivek Aabhas Horo aka “Clutchgod”

Vivek Aabhas Horo know as Clutchgod is Best bgmi player, having broken onto the scene with Vengeance Esports and winning the 2019 PUBG Mobile India Tour. He has had a long standing journey in the Indian community and is currently a part of the GodLike Esports and his role is of a IGL. Vivek’s development as a player and a public figure has been quick as an In-Game Leader. He has led his team numerous victories as they have a very good synergy among them. Also he has represented India in various global events played at various locations many such foreign locations such as Dubai, Malaysia, and others.


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