Tom Cruise – The First Civilian To Do A Spacewalk Outside Of The International Space Station

Tom Cruise - The First Civilian To Do A Spacewalk Outside Of The International Space Station


“Tom Cruise is taking us to space. He’s taking the world into space. That’s the plan,” Langley proved in an interview with the BBC and counted, “We have a great project action with Tom, that does contemplate him doing just that. Taking a rocket up to the space station and shooting and hopefully being the first civilian to do a spacewalk outside of the space station.”

Tom Cruise is on a way to evolve the first actor in space.

While movies like Interstellar, Gravity, and The Martian have given us a realistic look at space expeditions. And its potential destiny, no film crew has yet to embark outside the safeness of the green screen.

The director Doug Liman and the 60-year-old Hollywood veteran are laboring on a vision for a film that will reportedly be shot in space. The project was initially slated for 2020, but the Covid-19 outbreak put the project on hold. Recently, Liman and Cruise have spoken to Hollywood studio Universal about the project that will see Tom Cruise taking a rocket to the International Space Station.

Universal president Donna Langley

‘I think Tom Cruise is taking us into space. He’s taking the world into space,’ Universal president Donna Langley reveals the BBC. ‘That’s the plan. We have a great project in expansion with cruise that does aim him doing just that and launching a rocket to the space station and filming.’

Langley revealed that almost all of the film would be mostly shot on Earth. However, the team and studio are optimistic that Cruise will become the ‘first civilian to do a spacewalk outside of the space station.’

Tom Cruise will be the first movie celeb to shoot on the International Space Station if the project gone successful.

Liman was questioned about reports that the movie will cost around $200 million. However, she urged they are yet to find out the absolute funding. Probably, a flight to space for Cruise and a movie crew will cost a package. Space isn’t the only frontier that Cruise is exploring in the name of the theater. Mission: Impossible 8 first movie where a major film crew allowed to shoot inside Westminster Abbey. 


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