The Rise of On-demand Multi-Service App

On-demand Multi-Service App

In recent years the demand for multi-service apps has sprung up. What are the reasons behind this rise? Was it the pandemic or the escalating technological advancements? Take a glance through all the possible reasons behind the rise of the development of an on-demand multi-service app.

In this blog, you will also learn how you can develop a multi-service application and launch it in just one to two weeks.

Let’s begin!

The Rising Need for Multi-service Apps

Mobile apps are pre-dominating the market today. Customers now use a mobile app for everything right from booking a flight to scheduling a taxi, consulting with a doctor, or ordering food.

But why?

Recent changes in customer behavior

The recent changes in the behavior of customers are mainly because of their busy lifestyles, and the need for a one-click solution for everything.

For example, by installing the Gojek Clone app, users can book 101+ on-demand services such as taxi and moto rides, grocery ordering, parcel delivery, service bidding, and much more.

Business opportunities

Developing and launching an on-demand multi-service appwill enable you to leverage the platform and make more money.

“Online” is the new way of doing business! Also, technology is changing day by day. Things are speeding over in terms of online business.

Thus, it is now the correct time to invest in a business opportunity that will help you make millions as profits plus a successful brand.

eCommerce is the future!

Gone are the days of visiting local markets every alternate day to stack up groceries, take a metro to school/office every day, deliver parcels yourself, etc.

Today, everything can be done in one click. Thus, if you already run an offline shop or any such business, it is high time to launch your own on-demand multi-service app.

Moreover, such apps are tech-driven, making it easier for customers to book services online.

Useful multi-service app features

Here are some of the most popular features that you can find on apps offering on-demand services.

Well, each of these features is already pre-integrated into the ready-made multi-service app that you will buy.

Thus, you don’t have to scratch your head while deciding on the features to add!

App notifications

Using the feature of app notification, you can send alerts about upcoming events, sales, or discounts to the app users.

This is one of the most helpful features as it enables you to market your brand by sending notifications about limited-time deals.

Besides, through this feature, you can send graphically represented notifications to users about service requests or order status in real time.

This is how a notification looks like on a Gojek clone on-demand multi-service app.

Live location tracking

Using this feature, the user can easily track his order or the location of the service provider directly on the map.

The GPS tracking lowers the possibility that an order will be misplaced or the service provider would get confused about which route to take.

It is a crucial feature of an on-demand service app. Thus, while developing the app, make sure that you integrate this app.

Multiple payment options

With a multi-service app like Gojek, your customers will always be able to pay using their preferred mode of payment.

Your users can choose to pay for the service via card or the in-app wallet balance. And, if they want, they can pay in cash.

These apps offer a seamless and safe way to make payments online. The app also integrates your preferred payment gateway. Thus, eliminating the risks of data breaches on the on-demand multi-service app.

In Conclusion:

Do you want to launch a Gojek-like app with which you can provide 101+ services to customers?

If yes, get a pre-built app. Using a ready-made application, you can launch your own on-demand multi-service app in only one to two weeks.

Remember to take the demo app trial before you purchase the package and start the development of your app.


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