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enviro loo

The Enviro Loo is a waterless toilet system that provides a safe, non-polluting and cost-effective solution to lack of adequate sanitation facilities. Installed as a permanent structure, the Enviro Loo never requires replacement, relocation or removal.

The Enviro Loo is a “dry or waterless sanitation system”. Liquid and solid waste are separating as they enter the container via the toilet bowl. Liquid waste drains to the bottom of the container while solid waste remains on the drying plate. Moreover, the waste is exposing to continuous airflow that is driven through the unit at the forced aeration ventilation system. The movement of air is assisting the ventilation extraction unit positioned on top of the outlet vent pipe. As the air moves through the system, it dehydrates the solid waste as it migrates down the sloped drying plate. The liquid that has drained to the bottom of the container evaporates. Sunlight absorbed by the black inspection cover increases the ambient temperature within the container.

Cost of infrastructure can cost thousands of dollars. Running water lines, sewage lines, electricity, etc., etc., takes time and money – lots and lots of money. With the ELOO, there is now an alternative for all of your utilities in remote areas. Or, areas that are just now developing. Or, areas where the people want control of their utilities – off-the-grid.

How does Enviro Loo work?

Each Enviro Loo is housing in a container and uses an evaporation and dehydration process that requires no pipes, drainage or flushing systems. The units are safe and effective, and also provide a dignified method of sanitation. The company employs people from the areas in which Enviro Loos are installing and creating much-needed jobs. These employees get training to maintain and service the units regularly, being provided with the relevant tools and apparatus to perform the maintenance.

Social Impact

A multi-award winning South African product, manufactured by Enviro Options (PTY) Ltd (Enviro Options), It was designed to address the need for a safe, dignified, and hygienic alternative to ventilated pit latrines for areas with little or no access to water or sewage infrastructure. Additionally, more than 115,000 Enviro Loo toilets have been installing globally including 60,000 in rural schools across South Africa improving the lives of thousands of  learners.

Main User

School children, families, citizens, employees, etc.

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