Take Mesmerizing Experience with INZONE Gaming Headphones

Take Mesmerizing Experience with INZONE Gaming Headphones by Sony

Sony India unveiled INZONE, a new line of gaming accessories for players to increase their sensory perception and in-game involvement. The INZONE headset collection includes two new wireless models, including the INZONE H9 with a battery life of 32 hours and the INZONE H7 with a battery life of 40 hours. as well as a wired model – INZONE H3.

The Sony INZONE, are best headphones for gamers. They have excellent sound quality and active noise cancellation, long battery life, and customizable controls.

They’re also comfortable to wear for long gaming sessions and have a built-in microphone for clear voice chat.

There are 3 model of INZONE are H3 ,H7 and H9

  • Headset with 360 Spatial Sound
  • Also Dual Noise Sensor Technology used in class-leading 1000X series

Implementation of surround sound experience with converts a 2.0 channel signal to a 7.1 channel. Allows for a more immersive experience that also enables the players to be more competitive by offering clear footsteps and movement detection.

The diaphragm of the INZONE H9 has a unique shape that allows it to reproduce extremely high frequency sounds with also high compliance.

Out of 3 model of INZONE only in the construction of the H9 model has noise cancelation and more expensive leather used.


consistency & Price

Using INZONE H7 and H9, players can change the volume balance between in-game audio and voice chat right from the headset by offering an on-screen indication. INZONE headphones also carry the support for PlayStation 5’s 3D Tempest Audio Technology. Sony has also introduced INZONE Hub PC software to allow players to fine tune their gaming audio experience.

INZONE H3 – ₹ 6,990
INZONE H7 – ₹ 15,990
INZONE H9 – ₹ 21,990

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