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What is Power Wash Simulator?

Armed with an impressive arsenal of high-pressure power washers, you’re tasked with cleaning the filth and grime off a great many objects, in a story with more layers than a very dirty onion.

There are multiple modes to play though, including a lengthy Career Mode and Free Play – plus online co-op for both. Regardless of what you’re doing, you’ll experience a relaxing, stress-free good time that’s just soo satisfying.

Ok, why’s it so satisfying
It works on multiple levels.

Obviously, there’s an enormous pleasure in returning order to chaos. Taking grim, scum-covered objects and meticulously restoring them to their beautiful original states is fundamentally rewarding.

But it also feels great to play. Tight controls make the act of washing an unending joy – seeing the layers of dirt and grime peel away as you spray them with your powerful water jet offers a continual sense of joy and reward. And when you get that ‘ding’ sound that signifies that you’ve fully cleaned something? Oooh yeah.

Okay, we’re gushing more than one of the Power Washers, but once you play it, you’ll see what we mean. It just works.

How do I get Power Wash Simulator

The once picturesque town of Mucking ham is suffering from a grime-wave. Something has left the town coated in a thick layer of dirt, the nearby volcano seems to be active, Bigfoot sightings are on the rise… and the mayor’s cat has gone missing too!

This town needs a hero – someone who can wash the scum from these unclean streets to reveal the truth behind these sinister events.

It needs… a Power Washer.

The narrative of Power Wash Simulator has been expanded from the original early access release, with new chapters and new crazy things to clean – with this release, you’ll find out what’s causing all this muck! 

Of course, if you don’t care about the story, and just want to chill out and make dirty things become clean, you have that option too.

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If you fancy some dirt-busting with a few buds in tow, the game supports up to six player online co-op. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to test this out, but hey, everything’s better with friends. You’d either have a doozy of a time chatting and blading away all that scum or partake in zero chat and move around each other in total silence and with frightening efficiency.

Despite all my gushing, the game won’t be for everyone. You might not take to what’s – in the grand scheme of things – a quiet, mundane job. No matter how satisfying power washing a surface might be, jobs can drag on a bit longer than you’d like as you – quite literally – miss a bit, then have to consult your list. Find it, and look for whatever furnishing flashes briefly to draw your attention. Sometimes, it’s really hard to see what’s unclean about something that you might think is sparkly white. But the game’s progress bar has deemed otherwise. Wildly spraying down something that looks immaculate does make you lose a bit of faith in the simulation. Even if it’s a lighthearted one.

But issues with the game are small in comparison with the true satisfaction and serene spaces it provides. While not everyone will get on with its brand of manual labour, it’s a simulator for the everyman. It’s not overly complex, doesn’t take itself too seriously, and still has plenty of depth for those who just want to hose down a bungalow.

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