Navratri – An Auspicious Period of Fasting


“Vrat rakhne se kaun se bhagwaan mil jate hain?”

I often hear this question from young girls. It makes me feel disappointed. But it also makes me realize that it is our responsibility to let the younger generation know about our age-old culture and the wisdom behind it. Well, for me the answer to this is very simple:

Our body is a vehicle for the Atma to attain supreme moksha as mentioned in The BhagwatGita and if the vehicle is not properly serviced, I doubt it will reach its destination. So, vrat is the period of servicing that our body requires at equal intervals.

Navratri occurs twice a year, marking the beginning of summer and winter. These are transition periods where our immune system is vulnerable. Fasting and eating light foods can help the body detox and prepare for the upcoming season. Moreover, many experts believe that three or more days of water fasting done twice a year can help get rid of any cancer cells that may be building up in the body.

This gives our digestive system a break with Ayurvedic Health Supplements Products. Studies show that after fasting for more than 72 hours, the body regenerates stem cells. These revitalized stem cells find the injured body parts and make them anew again. Additionally, fasting is not just about abstaining from food but also about exercising control over one’s senses. It aids in mental discipline, concentration, and focus.

Fasting can have numerous benefits:

  1. Better cellular health and longevity
  2. Alleviate pain and stiffness of relentless musculoskeletal injuries
  3. Improved digestion leads to better appetite regulation and skin health
  4. Slow down the effects of aging
  5. Ease a chronic condition like improved insulin sensitivity

As on the third day of water fasting, old and ineffective white cells are destroyed and new cells emerge that are stronger and more resilient. This can be miraculous for anyone going through rheumatoid arthritis, stubborn musculoskeletal injuries like a frozen shoulder, and lifestyle-induced type 2 diabetes. Navratri can act as a metabolic switch that can switch off chronic diseases from the body like diabetes, cancer, and PCOS.

Nav- means nine and it also means new sofasting during this time can provide a new lease of life. Thus, this Navratri gets the blessings of the Goddess by purifying the body and soul. It is a holistic practice encompassing physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. Navratri is a tradition that binds individuals, families, and communities, reinforcing faith, discipline, and cultural values.

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