Krafton announces Changes in Hot-Time Tier Bonus


In a recent update, Krafton introduced a lot of new content, features, and more in New State Mobile. Krafton is like to inform you of the upcoming changes in the Hot-Time event. To ring in the new year, the tier bonus will be applied 150% on Friday/Saturday/Sunday for the last 2 weeks of Season 6. 

Krafton has released its January update for New State Mobile, the popular battle royale game on iOS and Android. This month’s update aims to change the game’s meta as numerous balancing changes have been made to various weapons, vehicles and the Drone Store. Along with the balancing changes, the January update brings Team Deathmatch Mode (TDM) to the ARENA map, new patterns for the Shooting Gallery and Siege Mode, a new Survivor Pass and more.

The Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) from Krafton was banned earlier this year in India. The government of India cited security concerns and thus the battle-royale game was banned. However, BGMI fans continue to spot leaks and expect the game to be back in the market.

In Short

  • Krafton has released a new update for its widely popular game, New State Mobile
  • The iOS and Android game’s new update is all about changing the game’s Meta
  • Weapons and vehicles have undergone a transformation in the game.



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