Know how around 7 KG of gold worth 3 CR INR Was Smuggled To Delhi From Sharjah

Know how around 7 KG of gold worth 3 CR INR Was Smuggled To Delhi From Sharjah

Smuggling gold is one criminality that upholds airport authorities across the world on their toes. People smuggling it find diverse unconventional means. And manners to get it across without detect despite the airports’ solid security rules. 

Currently, customs officials at the Delhi airport have seized around 7 kg of gold worth ₹ 2.95 CR, an official report issued on Tuesday said. But, how? Here’s the mesmerizing tale.

How was it smuggled?

According to officers, 3 people traveling from Sharjah to India apprehend for carrying around 7 kilos of disclosed gold worth Rs 2.96 crores recently. Add on special metal smuggle in a powdered form transformed into a paste-like significance as was hidden in the body-shaper bands and hand luggage by the passengers.

The precise investigation of the luggage and personal search of the passengers emerge in the recovery of seven rectangular-shaped pouches. It included the chemical paste, arising to be gold and considering 7.76 KG in total, it said.  

Out of the total consignment seized, which weighed 7.76 kg, about 6.64 kg of gold extract. The powdered form of gold convert into a paste structure pack in thin rectangular-shaped pouches and hide in the body and hand baggage. The 7 pouches hidden in the pockets of the body shaper bands kept in the handbag. 

Around 6.67 kg of gold extract from this paste mold into 19 irregular rectangular bars of gold having a value of ₹ 2.95 crores, said the announcement issued by the customs.

The accused detain after they arrived from Sharjah on October 28. The gold was seized and 3 passengers arrested, it said, without sharing additional details of the accused.


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