Karnataka Police Sub-Inspectors recruitment SCAM. Know who is behind this scam?

Karnataka PSI scam

The Criminal Investigation Department of the Karnataka police arrested several candidates for cheating in a police sub-inspector (PSI) recruitment exam held on 3rd October. With the help of Bluetooth devices have risen. Probably 19 following the charge and 3 more candidates over the earlier week for allegedly cheating at the examination hubs in the following three cities Bengaluru, Dharwad, and Tumkur.

However, of nearly around 54,000 candidates, 545 candidates were picked. In addition, 52 candidates have been arrested including 19 candidates who cheated by using Bluetooth devices and the rest of 33 others with the help of an official examiner & police recruitment staff helping in tempering their answer scripts.

Recent arrests occurred while the CID official queried the cell phone usage data from the various data tower dumps of Oct. 3. And get a lead, about who was using the smartphones while that time they were supposed to be writing in the exam center (Bengaluru, Tumkur, and Dharwad) instead of using devices.

The CID reports show that three candidates first one Lakappa – are in Bengaluru. 2nd Shrisail biradar in Tumkur and Shrimant Sitapur in Dhaewad were writing answers during the test via Bluetooth devices.

Lakappa wrote the exam at the New Horizon College in east Bengaluru and obtained the sixth rank from the Kalyan Karnataka region by confirming 21.5 marks out of 50 in the essay part and 135 out of 150 in the MCQ.

On the other hand, approx 28 candidates who wrote the exams at the centers in Bengaluru, have been arrested after their OMR sheets were found to have been manipulated to obtain more marks by the officials of the police recruitment cell.

The second candidateShrisail Biradar wrote the exam at the Siddalingeshwara Residential High School at Kyathasandra in Tumkur district and secured the 57th rank (35.5 marks in the essay part and 108.75 percent in the objective part), and Shrimant Sitapur.

The third candidate who wrote the exam at the St Joseph’s College at Dharwad and secured the 63rd rank (16/50 in the essay part and 127.5/150 in the objective part), are the other two candidates arrested last week by the CID for using Bluetooth devices to cheat.

Before a while, The CID officials investigated cell usage data and found cell numbers that were active for a long duration between 3:00 PM and 4:30 PM when the objective part of the exam was being conducted.
The analysis of the call recordings involved long conversations at the colleges revealed that they involved conversations by seven examiners – Bhagavatharaya, Peerappa, Raviraj, Kallappa, Siddugouda, Sharanbasappa, and Balwantappa — with an answering team constituted by the exam scam kingpin, R D Patil, to provide answers via Bluetooth devices to the candidates, who had paid a huge price.

The CID also found that candidates, who paid between Rs. 30 Lakh to Rs. 80 Lakh are likely to be selected as sub-inspectors. And count up they provided grant access to members of an expert answering team selected by Patil to fraud in the exam. The expert team members tell answers to the candidates and both are paired via Bluetooth devices. The police were able to identify candidates by their SIM cards and registered names with celluar data companies used for a long time during the exam and cross-check with data of collected from cell tower data.

The CID has arrested 9 toppers of the top 10 ranks. Director General of Police Amrit Paul, who was head of the police recruitment cell and the main men behind the scam, was arrested by the CID. He was named in the charge sheet filed by the CID last month in a PSI exam scam case.

The CID has registered as many as 20 FIRs and nine of the top 10 rank winners have been arrested. Additional Director General of Police Amrit Paul, who headed the police recruitment cell when the scam occurred, on July 4. As many as 12 policemen have also been arrested by the CID. Out of 102 people arrested since the CID probe began in April, five persons accused of sheltering the main perpetrators have obtained bail.


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