How to teach With video game based portal 2?


portal-2 : Portal 2 is a first-person perspective puzzle game. The player takes the role of Chell in the single player campaign. As one of two robots Atlas and P Body in the cooperative campaign. Or as a simplistic humanoid icon in community-developed puzzles. These three characters can explore and interact with the environment.

There are a lot of lessons that bring video game based portal 2 into your classroom, though designing test chambers. And the general structure of the game typically lends itself to a STEM classroom.

No matter what type of lesson you make using a game like Portal 2 it will help students learn how experimentation is trial and error and that failure can bring you closer to success.

Resources For Teaching With Portal 2

The education community has done a great job sharing their ideas for using Portal 2. If you want to see some lessons that you could use or get some inspiration on pioneering your own ideas.

Teach With Portals

If using portal-2 sounds like something you want to do the best resource available is Teach With Portals. Which was run by Valve during its “Steam for Schools” initiative. The “Lesson Plans” section has several activities covering different grades and subjects.

There are language arts lessons for middle schoolers, math and physics lessons for almost every grade. And even some game design. portal-2

Each lesson plan has downloads to help organize and implement everything in your class. I’m still amaze at the unique systems teachers designe that get students involve in doing math using Portal 2.

Teach With Portals, but his “Demonstration Videos” are incredibly unique. These videos demonstrate abstract physics concepts with visual examples of formulas to back everything up.

Reinventing the Science Fair

This is a project using Portal 2 on Edutopia by Don Labonte to redesign how the class science fair works. Instead of making fake volcanoes the students design Portal 2 test chambers. Then gather data about how other students complete their puzzle.

The students are not just designing the level, but also taking their work a step farther with that data research.

How To Play

Hardware: It can be play on Xbox 360, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC

If you want to use Portal 2 in your classroom how do you go about getting it? Valve previously ran a Steam for Schools program that gave away copies of the game. But it currently looks like the program has ended. This is sad news, but perhaps if a lot of educators ask that could change.

Until then you can try showing potential lessons and benefits to your school administrators to see. If they will support purchasing the game for students. Otherwise, websites like provide a great opportunity for teachers to have requests for materials such as Portal 2 crowdsourced.

Hopefully, you can find a lesson using Portal 2 that works with your students using the resources. The community has shared and you will have your class experimenting with portals in ways they never before imagined.

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