How Rural Armenian Community Built Their Own Internet?


Today’s tale is a remarkable one, demonstrating the power of human spirit and the profound impact of connectivity in our lives. Our narrative centers around how a rural community in Armenia built their own internet. It’s an inspiring saga of resilience, innovation, and a testament to the old adage – necessity truly is the mother of invention.

Armenia, a landlocked country in the South Caucasus region of Eurasia, is steeped in history and rich in natural beauty. Its rural regions, brimming with culture and tradition, showcase an undisturbed lifestyle, albeit with a significant digital divide.

What happens when such a rural community in Armenia decides to bridge this digital divide themselves? They build their own internet!

Understanding the internet’s role is crucial to grasp the significance of this undertaking. The internet, a global network that provides various information and communication facilities, has become indispensable in today’s world. It’s not just a luxury anymore; it’s a necessity, especially in rural areas, enhancing education, healthcare, and opening doors to countless opportunities.

This rural Armenian community, nestled among rugged terrains and isolated due to geographical challenges, was a technological desert. Earlier attempts at establishing internet connectivity met with failure, leaving the villagers in a state of digital disconnect.

Then came the idea – Why not build our own internet?

They began by pooling resources, gathering a team of locals keen on learning and implementing networking technologies. They partnered with local and international organizations to learn about community network building and acquire necessary equipment.

Building a community network was not a walk in the park. The team faced several technical challenges, from network configuration to setting up network towers. Raising funds to support the project was another hurdle, but the community’s determination kept them pushing forward.

Despite these hurdles, the community achieved their goal of establishing an internet connection. They set up the network, arranged the equipment, and eventually managed to bring the worldwide web to their homes. It was an epic triumph over challenges, a testament to their unity, resilience, and an insatiable thirst for connectivity.

The impact was immediate and profound

The internet connection empowered the community, making them digital citizens and offering opportunities hitherto unavailable. Education, health services, and economic opportunities were now just a click away.

Inspired by their success, they have set their sights on future expansion. They plan to connect other nearby communities, spreading the digital empowerment.

The rural community in Armenia didn’t wait for internet connectivity to come to them; they took matters into their hands, battled challenges, and built their own internet. Their story is an inspiring example of resilience, determination, and the transformative power of the internet.

The success of this Armenian community has inspired other isolated communities worldwide to follow in their footsteps. This section focuses on the ripple effect and the global significance of the community’s achievement.

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The story of how a rural community in Armenia built their own internet is a testament to human resilience and the transformative power of connectivity. Their journey from isolation to connection is an inspiring reminder of what a determined community can achieve.

Frequently Asked Questions

How did the rural community in Armenia fund their internet project? The community raised funds through various sources, including crowdfunding and local partnerships.

Who installed the physical infrastructure for the internet? The local community members, leveraging their knowledge of the terrain and available resources, installed the infrastructure.

What impact did the internet have on the local economy? Internet connectivity allowed local businesses to participate in e-commerce, opening new avenues for economic growth.

What was the impact of internet access on education in the community? Internet access expanded educational opportunities, providing access to online resources and global knowledge.


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