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Vice City Stories originally released on the PlayStation Portable in 2006. Taking place two years before Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, Stories put players in the role of Victor Vance. Vance’s goal was to create a criminal empire, and the gameplay fits into that.

One of the main aspects of Vice City Stories focus on creating a literal criminal empire, sometimes by taking what’s already built from rival gang leaders. Though Vice City Stories came when the industry suffered from a deluge of GTA titles, the game was still a major success, selling 4.5 million copies. People didn’t see Vice City Stories as a meaningful upgrade, but it designed well enough to garner high reviews overall.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

GTA: The Final Remastered Edition is the product of two years’ work by jquaidark, who has successfully compiled a range of pre-existing Vice City mods. As well as their own original tweaks and improvements, into a single, stable release.

With HD textures, improved graphics and shaders, added functionality like swimming and climbing. Some additional maps to expand the size of Rockstar’s fictionalised Miami. The Final Remastered Edition attempts to maintain the quality and content of the original 2002 open-world game, but improve and refine all of its core features.

The mod acts as a kind of one-stop compilation pack of what jquaidark has judged to be the best. Most vital Vice City mods; serving as a curator, they have collected the mods together, then tested, optimized, and stabilized. So that they all work perfectly in harmony.

As well as removing bugs and errors when using different modifications at the same time, this means you can now enhance your Vice City game via a single download, rather than trawling for myriad different mods, and having to manage them to balance their

Spawn A Tank

This tiny thing in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is actually quite large. Spawning a Rhino tank, a vehicle that has appeared in several Grand Theft Auto games, offers the player’s ultimate protection. Rhino tanks are virtually indestructible. Just make sure you don’t collide with another Rhino tank, as it can inflict massive damage. The vehicle is bulletproof, but it isn’t fireproof.

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