Google will inaccessible its Stadia cloud-gaming service in the UK on Thursday.

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The service of Google will be inaccessible after 08:00 on 19 January in the UK, with gamers telling they are “heartbroken” to see it go.

Google has promised refunds to anyone who made Stadia purchases.

That includes people who bought controllers, games or downloadable content, with Google previously estimating those refunds would be completed by mid-January.

Google has marked the closure by releasing one final Stadia game, Worm Game, which the developers used to test the service before its public release.

It’s also revealed plans to make its Stadia controllers Bluetooth-enabled. Allowing them to be used wirelessly on PCs to play any game even after Stadia shuts down.

Google said in September that it was shutting down. Stadia because it “hadn’t gained the traction with users” that the company was hoping for.

But fans have reacted with sadness, with many pointing out that some games designed solely to be played on Stadia could be lost forever once the service shuts down.

But Jordy praised Google for not letting anyone out of pocket.

What is the problem in google with Stadia?

A free version didn’t launch until the following year. By then, Stadia’s reputation had tumbled with bad word of mouth and lack of games. People just didn’t really care any more. Stadia was aimed at people who wanted to play top-tier games but either couldn’t afford the hardware. Make the commitment to buying it.

What will replace Stadia?

As of now, Luna offers the closest experience to Google’s Stadia. And with Amazon’s backing, it’s sure to receive a plethora of features and games as time goes by. Nvidia’s GeForce Now comes in at a close second, thanks to top-notch performance and access to a vast game library.

While the shutdown means that you’re about to lose access to all of your titles and saves on Stadia. Many publishers have shared ways to bring your purchases and progress to other platforms so you can keep playing your games.

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