Fix iPhone Notifications Not Working in 4 Easy Steps

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An iPhone is one of the most used devices these days as there are many people who trust the device because of the different features present on the device. While there are different applications that people use on the application, the message application also known as iMessage is used relatively less as people use chatting applications to send messages and other information however, this does not means that there is no use for this application. 

Messages from the bank and other important messages like the One Time password are sent to your iMessage application and this is why it can be very irritating if you are not getting notifications on your iPhone. You can miss out on important messages if you are not receiving the notifications for your text and this is why in the blog, we are going to tell you the methods that can be used when you want to resolve the issue on your mobile phone. 

How Can You Fix My iPhone Not Receiving Text Notifications?

If you are wondering why am I not getting iMessage notifications then, there are a lot of reasons like the settings of your mobile phone as well as issues with network connection behind issue however, here you need to focus on the solutions that will help you in fixing the issue on your iPhone. 

You need to carefully focus on the solutions that we are describing in the guide as these solutions will help you whenever you are facing this issue on your mobile phone. 

1: Ensure that the notifications for the application are enabled

The first thing that you need to check is whether the application has been enabled for the notifications. This means that if you have not enabled the notifications for your iMessage application then, you will not be able to receive any notifications for the messages that you are receiving and this is why you need to open the iPhone settings and turn on the toggle for iMessage notifications. 

Verify that you are receiving the notifications by asking someone to send a message however, if you are still not receiving the notifications then, move to the next solutions. 

2: Check the Notification Setting for iMessage 

If you are not receiving the notifications even after enabling the option for the application then, you need to verify whether the application is allowed to display notifications or not. You need to open the iPhone Settings on your iPhone and access the notifications section. 

Choose iMessage and verify whether you have enabled the notifications to display for the application. Turn on the toggle for all the options and allow the application to send notifications even on the lock screen. Make sure that you have not left any options.  

3: Check the Contact Settings 

There are many people who often forget to check the contacts settings and if you observe that your text message notifications not working iPhone for some specific contacts then, this can happen if you have muted some of your contacts. 

Open the Info of the contact that you are not receiving notifications for and make sure that you have not turned on the Hide Alerts option for them. Turn the toggle off if you have enabled the mute option after which, you will be able to get the notifications for the same. 

4: Turn off DND and the Silent Mode

You will not be able to receive text message notifications on your iPhone if you have turned on the Do Not Disturb or the Silent mode on your iPhone and this is why you need to make sure that you have not enabled these options on your Smartphone. Both of these options are present in the control panel of your mobile phone from where you need to turn off these options so that you can easily receive all the notifications on your mobile phone.


I am sure that you have understood all the methods and instructions that we have shared here. You can easily use these solutions and benefit from them whenever you are not receiving notifications on your iPhone. 

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