Feasting in Delhi: Where to Find the Best Places to Eat in Delhi

Places to Eat in Delhi

The rich heritage of Delhi is known to have one of the best places to eat in the country. its diverse range of cuisines and delectable culinary. With its vibrant culinary culture, Delhi offers a treat to the taste buds of foodies.
You will relish your senses with the aromatic Mughlai cuisine and tangy flavorful street food while eating out in Delhi. All these food places offer the best options for foodies from traditional lip-smacking Indian dishes to fusion cuisine.
If you are a foodie, and looking for a great place to eat in Delhi. You do not have to look further as here is the assorted list of the best places to eat when you are exploring the capital city.

Bille Di Hatti
United Coffee House
Sitaram Diwan Chand
Gulati Restaurant
Andhra Bhavan Canteen

Bille di Hatti

Bille Di Hatti is one of the best places to eat in Delhi. This place is known for its lip-smacking chole bhature. Bille Di Hatti has established a reputation for maintaining high hygiene standards and providing excellent food quality. It is a popular eatery located in Kamla Nagar, Delhi. You can have a lasting impression of the flavorful Chole on your taste buds. You have to reach this point before 1 p.m., or you will not be able to taste the delicious chole bhature. It is always crowded with students from Delhi University. If you want to taste authentic Delhi food, then Bille Di Hatti is the spot for you and your friends.

United Coffee House

United Coffee House has gained its reputation of being one of the best places to eat in Delhi among Delhites for its lip-smacking cuisine and welcoming atmosphere. This place has been there for more than 50 years and thousands of people flock together here to share a bite. With its rich history and reputation of inviting atmosphere. This place has earned the tag of the go-to place for families and friends. You can cherish your tastebuds with delectable classic Indian dishes or international cuisine at the United Coffee House.

Sitaram Diwan Chand

If you are looking for authentic North Indian food, then head out to Sitaram Diwan Chand without a second thought. It is one of the top places to eat in Delhi. This place is renowned for its signature dish chole bhature. It is located in Paharganj and has been serving delicious meals to its customers since the 1950s.
Along with chole bhature, you can have many scrumptious dish options, such as rajma chawal, kadhi chawal, and aloo puri at this place. You have to eat while standing at the counter or at small tables set up outside the restaurant. It is worth visiting this place in Delhi to satisfy your food cravings for original Delhi street food.

Gulati Restaurant

Are you craving delicious butter chicken? Just go towards Gulati Restaurant at Pandara Road Market. It is one of the best places to eat in Delhi, serving both North Indian and Mughlai cuisine. This place has been there since 1959 and has become a favorite eating destination for both locals and tourists.
The butter chicken, with its creamy and flavorful texture, is the signature dish of this restaurant. You must taste the restaurant’s Tandoori Chicken and Seekh Kebabs.
Gulati Restaurant has an elegant ambiance and is known for its elegant ambiance and spacious dining area. This place has a bar area where you can enjoy drinks with your friends.

Andhra Bhavan Canteen

Do you crave to eat authentic South Indian food in Delhi? Yes, it is possible with the authentic South Indian cuisine that you get in the Andhra Bhavan Canteen. It is located in the Telangana Complex, New Delhi. You can have original south Indian thalis with your loved ones while spending some memorable moments.

The canteen is also famous for its biryani, in addition to other South Indian favorites such as dosas, idlis, vadas, and uttapams. The food is fresh and has an authentic taste and quality. The food is highly affordable and delicious at the same time. The canteen is a popular location for foodies and casual eaters alike because of its delectable food, reasonable rates, and no-frills ambiance.

It is wonderful to eat at the best places to eat in Delhi at eateries that have endured a long time and are still giving their customers first-rate eating experiences. If you are visiting Delhi as a traveler or casually, you must try something to eat at these places.
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