Ex-COO of Balaji Zulfiqar Khan & His Friend was missing and then ‘Murdered’ by Kenya’s ‘Killer’ Police Department

Ex-COO of Balaji Zulfiqar Khan & His Friend was missing and then 'Murdered' by Kenya's 'Killer' Police Department

Zulfiqar Ahmad Khan and his friend Mohamed Zaid Sami Kidwai Two Indians – who went into ghost mode in Kenya in July have been killed by the dissolved DCI unit, as per media information that quotes a close aide of Kenyan President William Ruto.

Zulfiqar Khan is recognized as the retired COO of Balaji Telefilms and a retired executive of Star TV as well. His family fellows had in the past raised several proposals and have made numerous tries to trace the mislaid leader who was part of the Kenya Kwanza digital campaign team.

Before, Ekta Kapoor, the joint control director of Balaji Telefilms, shared a post on the social media platform Instagram about Khan and urged officers to interfere. Some of his mates had even written to Prime Minister Narendra Modi pursuing help.

Former media director Khan, his friend, and a local taxi driver, Nicodemus Mwania, reportedly went missing in Kenya 90 days ago. A close aide of the Kenyan President published on Facebook arguing that Khan and Kidwai had both contributed significantly to the success of President Ruto’s campaign.

Dennis Itumbi Tweeted – “They visited Mombasa, Homa Bay, Mara, and nyama choma joints and loved our dance joints too. They invited me to India; I told them I would visit after the elections. Their visions were predominantly on enjoying Kenya as much as they could. When they sat down, they produced very appealing content,”.

President Ruto had demanded the dispersion of the Special Service Unit or SSU prior Saturday after an inquiry into the disappearance of the two Indians was linked to the unit, according to media reports. The SSU works under Kenya’s DCI which is tasked primarily with intelligence gathering and proof clusters where crimes of a complex nature occur. They are however infamously termed Kenya’s ‘killer’ police department.

Talking about the missing Indians before, MEA spokesperson Arindam Bagchi stated, “India has been in touch with the Kenyan authorities on the matter. As far as we understand, there were two Indian citizens, Zulfiqar Ahmad Khan and Zaid Sami Kidwai, and they have been missing in Kenya since mid-July. A police complaint was filed there soon after that.” “Thereafter, a habeas corpus petition was filed in the Kenyan court. We understand that the issue is now sub-judice in the high bench of Kenya, and several hearings have taken place,” Bagchi said.

“We are also, I believe, in touch with some family members We are keeping a tight watch on the case I am afraid they’re still missing,” Bagchi had said prematurely.

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