Effective Marketing Tactics for Your On-demand Taxi App Business

In recent years, the ride-hailing industry has emerged as one of the most profitable industries of all threw the Taxi App. Thanks to the Uber Business Model, the entire taxi industry is now running through smartphones. Unquestionably, technology has made booking taxi rides, renting cabs, or finding shared rides easier than ever.

Many entrepreneurs are adopting the Uber-like model and starting their taxi businesses. Developing a mobile app like Uber is surely a daunting task but besides that, one has to put all their heart and soul into marketing the business.

Without marketing, you cannot expect to find long-term success. If you too wish to earn unprecedented growth and high revenues like Uber, follow these marketing strategies.

Build A Solid Online Presence

When it comes to marketing, the first thing that usually pops up in the minds is social media. Social media is one of the best and most convenient ways of spreading the word about your brand.

To begin building a concrete online presence, start creating your taxi business’s profiles on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

Apart from creating a profile on social media platforms, concentrate on:

  • Building a professional website that includes your brand name, logo, and keywords that describe your taxi business.
  • Alongside attracting new customers using your social media, focus on retaining older ones as they have more potential to bring amazing sales and returns.

Adopt Referral Marketing

Referral marketing is one of the most common strategies used by businesses.

It is a tactic where you need to encourage your existing or initial users to recommend your taxi booking app to others. It can include their friends and family members.

In other terms, this tactic is also known as word of mouth. Usually, taxi apps like Uber have the feature of Refer & Earn. Users get a pre-generated code that they can share with their contacts.

Anytime someone uses the code to register with the app and book a taxi service, the existing user earns monetary benefits. For instance, the app admin can choose to credit $5 to an existing user’s in-app wallet for everything a new member joins the app using their referral code.

This is an extremely powerful marketing strategy that you must try at all costs.

Point-based Reward Marketing

Your taxi app users can earn points through this type of rewards program. Point-based reward systems are easy to set up. Moreover, this tactic is widely used by businesses to retain their customers.

This kind of reward-based program is one of the best solutions for businesses that have trouble attracting and retaining their customers.

For instance, you can provide a point-based system where users can earn coins for a predefined distance that they cover by booking a taxi on your app.

Say, a user has traveled 20 miles in your taxi. For every mile traveled, you can offer them 1 coin which equals $1.

To put it simply, at the end of the trip, the user earns 20 coins which are equivalent to $20. They receive this amount in their in-app wallets. Thus, they can use the amount the next time they book a taxi service.

Such marketing tactics can easily attract customers and retain the old ones. Thus, guaranteeing your Uber Clone long-term success.

Try social marketing

Social marketing is a unique concept business uses to differentiate themselves from peer brands using commercial marketing only.

Under this concept, you can try to influence or create social change using different strategies. For instance, you can offer handicap accessibility in your taxis.

This will help you to emotionally connect with people with disabilities who face difficulty in commuting from one place to another.

You can provide a feature wherein your customers can opt for booking taxis with handicap accessibility.

Besides, you can also choose your on-demand taxi booking app as a platform to bring up issues of public health, safety, environmental causes, and more.

Promote Your Customer’s Testimonials

This marketing type comes under unpaid promotions!

To tell your target customers that your Uber Clone taxi services are excellent, you use this marketing tactic. Here, you can easily promote and advertise the testimonials, reviews, and comments you receive from existing customers on social media channels.

To ensure that every customer sees these testimonials, you can post these reviews on your website as well.

Testimonials are a great way to tell that you are trustworthy, reliable, and excellent because others have also used your app.

Final Thoughts

You, as the owner of the taxi business must decide which marketing tactic will best serve your needs.

Proper digital marketing strategies can help you create an excellent brand. It goes without saying but, you must have a strong digital marketing plan and work with a top-notch Uber Clone app development company if you wish to establish a successful business.

You will try out various marketing tactics and build different strategies to see which one suits your business better.


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