Effect of Cartoons on Children’s Behavior


Media has become increasingly influential in the lives of every individual, and children are no exception. With parents, It is using different forms of media to watch cartoons to keep their children occupied when busy, and coaxing them to eat, young children these days are constantly bombarded with different forms of media too.

Cartoon Time in Our Children’s Schedule

In a research performed by the researcher Kayla Bois & Brad Bushman “Michigan University”, they summed up the cartoon content in our Children Schedules as follows:

・ 2 – 5 years old children watch cartoon 32 hrs. Weekly.

・ 6 – 11 years old children watch cartoon 28 hrs. Weekly.

And they stated that:

・ 71% of 8 – 18 years old has a TV in their rooms.

What is the impact of cartoons on children’s mind?

Violent cartoons can lead to disobedient, nervous, and aggressive tendencies. Cartoons can desensitize children to others sorrow, pain, and violence occurring around them. Children may begin to view the cartoon characters as real life role models and the aggression shown can be internalized.

Helps Children Get an Early Start on Learning by cartoon

Cartoons can help kids get an early start on learning. Such cartoons can teach basic things to children not only fun and interactive way, but also thus making learning an enjoyable activity. Moreover, the moving, talking pictures and colorful visuals make learning interesting for children.

Enhances Creativity

Watching help increase children’s imagination and creativity. Your child will be able to think of new ideas inspired by certain cartoons and come up with new stories or artwork based on the cartoons he watches.

Violent Cartoons and Toddlers

Toddlers are very much impressionable and associate cartoon characters with idealism. They tend to retain the lessons the cartoon is implying. Furthermore, there is a good chance that a tot who watches anger and violence on TV can take aggressive behavior as normal lastly it will certainly impact their personal behavior.

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