Brits are asking , Why do we need a king -Brits want the monarchy to continue..?

Brits want the monarchy to continue but split about succession to the throne after Queen Elizabeth II

Within days of the demise of the longest serving British sovereign, Queen Elizabeth II, questions have begun to circulate in sections of the country and elsewhere on the relevance of monarchy in modern day Britain.

The Queen II , who reigned for 70 years, died on Thursday at the age of 96.

The Queen had inherited a monarchy whose political power was in steady decline since the 18th century, and at the start of the 20th century, class tensions were so high that many predicted the crown’s demise.

But Elizabeth II made duty the “touchstone of her life and the theme of her reign,” and the British monarchy managed to retain a powerful hold on public imagination largely thanks to her.

Monarchs expected to perform ceremonial duties with due gravity. But they also expected to lighten up and spread joy and enjoy the tastes and interests of the ordinary people.

Why do we need a king -Brits want the monarchy to continue..?

The Queen’s principal method of avoiding potential hostility was discretion. While visible in public she kept her personal views entirely private. Because speaking her mind might endear her to a group of Britons while alienating others. She never expressed any political views as the British monarch supposed to be above politics.

Young people in Britain no longer think the country should keep the monarchy and more now want an elected head of state. With their mood souring over the last couple of years, a poll on Friday showed.

The British monarchy traces its history back to William the Conqueror who invaded England in 1066. Though royals ruled the patchwork of kingdoms which stretched across what became England, Scotland and Wales for centuries before that.

According to the survey by YouGov. 41% of those aged 18 to 24 thought there now be an elected head of state compared to 31% who wanted a king or queen. That was a reversal of sentiment from two years ago. When 46% preferred the monarchy to 26% who wanted it replaced.

However, overall the survey had better news for Queen Elizabeth, 95, and the royal family, with 61% favouring the monarchy while just under a quarter thought it should be replaced with an elected figure.


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