British Pub with 4 Year waiting list for Dine In


“The Bank Tavern is a traditional British pub situated in the heart of bustling Bristol. Nestled among the city’s iconic buildings, it offers an escape from the fast-paced world outside. A must-visit for locals and tourists alike, the tavern is a historic establishment that embodies the best of British pub culture.

You may prepare to wait up to 4 years if you want to reserve a table at The Bank Tavern for one of their award-winning roast dinners.

Inside, you’re welcomed by the inviting ambience, epitomized by the warm, rustic decor. Wood-panelled walls and vintage furniture, complemented by an assortment of quirky memorabilia, give this tavern its unique, nostalgic charm.

The Bank Tavern is not just about the cosy atmosphere. But it also boasts an impressive selection of local ales, craft beers, and spirits. This pub proudly supports local breweries and offers a rotating selection of draughts to keep the tap fresh and exciting. Wine lovers can also find a hand-picked list of international wines.

Sunday Roast

A 30-day aged rare topside of beef, a honey and rosemary roasted leg of lamb, a slow-cooked pork belly, Feta Taco and a vegetable lentil loaf are among their most popular dishes.

Customers will pay 26.95 (Rs 2,835.60) for a three-course meal or 21.95 (Rs 2309.51) for two.

The bank Tavern’s delicious menu offering meat and vegetarian options. It has been since around the 1800s and survived ‘an alarming number of riots and Two world wars.

Must Try

Known for its delicious and hearty pub fare, The Bank Tavern’s menu features classic British dishes, from Fish & Chips to Sunday Roasts, all prepared using locally sourced ingredients. An ideal spot for a leisurely lunch, a relaxing evening, or a gathering with friends, this place also accommodates for vegetarians and vegans with several innovative dishes.

Dessert options at the restaurant include a strawberry and white chocolate pavlova, limoncello tart, and raspberry yoghurt panna cotta.

Authentic slice of Bristol

Regular live music, trivia nights and a friendly, welcoming staff are the cherries on top of this quintessential British pub experience. Whether you’re looking for a quiet pint, a delicious meal, or a vibrant evening out, The Bank Tavern in Bristol is a venue that delivers.”

In warmer months, an outdoor seating area provides the perfect spot to enjoy the sun with a refreshing drink in hand, and the pub’s location offers a wonderful view of the bustling city life of Bristol.

To summarize, The Bank Tavern is more than just a pub – it’s an authentic slice of Bristol’s culture, warmth, and tradition. If you wish to truly experience Bristol, a visit to this cherished local institution should be on your to-do list.”

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The Bank Tavern known for their friendly aspect, they ensure every guest feels like part of the Bank Tavern family. Their knowledge about the local brews and menu can guide you through your selections. And their readiness to chat about Bristol’s history and culture adds an extra layer to your visit.


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