BMW’s Multi Color Car Concept in Market

multi color concept

BMW is thinking about to fix this chromatic with a multi color concept in car that changes color on command and uses e-link to make facial expressions with its grille and headlamps. It can even project a head-up display across the entire windshield. Famous car colors are white, black, and gray, in that order—underlying just how boring auto buyers are.

Features of multi color car concept

Part of this is likely a desire not to stand out, and part of it is undoubted that sober-colored cars perform best when it comes with long-term value retention.

Where other digital assistants like Alexa or Siri are matter-of-fact in tone, BMW imagines Dee as a sassy gal. During the debut at BMW’s CES keynote, cheerful, sometimes sarcastic personality was highlighted through very human interactions. It is with BMW Chairman Oliver Zipse, Knight Rider’s KITT, Herbie the Love Bug, and even the Terminator himself, Arnold Schwarzenegger. 

Interior in multi color concept car

Inside, the cabin’s design remains simple, with a “white canvas” theme that allows the cockpit’s digital elements to stand out. There are no physical displays, very few buttons, and restrained use of materials through out.

Mixed Reality Levels 1 through 4 is designing for the driver. It has a steering wheel al. BMW expects that most of the time persons will driving the dee rather than the other way around. And hands on the wheel, eyes on the road philosophy in mind.

Last year, the car manufacturer exhibited the BMW Ix Flow, a monochrome model that could change shades. However, this time I vision Dee can switch between 32 colors.

Color changes can indicate battery status, whether a car-sharing ride is free, or even the location of a hard-to-find parked car via flashing lights. It is even possible to control by temperature through color changes that affect how much sunlight is reflect.

The concept car uses the E Ink Prism 3 solution and is the first to use color-changing skin in an automotive application.


The changing color can make the car more efficient. It is taking into account light and dark colors reflecting sunlight and the absorption of thermal energy. BMW explained, A white surface reflects lot more sunlight than a black one. Heating the vehicle and passenger compartment as a result. In cooler weather, the dark outer skin will help the vehicle absorb more warmth from the sun.

How multi color concept works?

When stimulated by electrical signals with the electrophoretic technology with similar to that is used Kindle e-readers. It brings different color pigments to the surface, causing the body skin to take on the desired color.

There are millions of paint capsules in the custom wrap, with a diameter equivalent to the thickness of human hair. Each one microcapsules contains negatively charged white pigments and positively charged black pigment. Depending on the chosen setting, stimulation using an electrical field causes. The white or the black pigment to collect at the surface of the microcapsule. It is giving the multi-color concept car in the desired shade.



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