Android Device gets Anti-Stalking AirTag Alerts by Google


Google, in collaboration with Apple for introducing an inventive tool that alerts Android users to potential stalking concerns posed by unfamiliar Bluetooth trackers, specifically AirTags.

In a significant move highlighting collaboration between two technology giants, Google and Apple have announced a new initiative that extends anti-stalking features of Apple’s AirTags to Android users.

Google & Apply Team Up

The two companies, often seen as rivals in the tech industry, have come together to increase the privacy and safety of all smartphone users. The new feature will allow Android users to receive alerts if an unknown AirTag is detected travelling with them. This announcement follows recent concerns about AirTags potentially being use for nefarious purposes such as stalking or tracking without consent.

AirTags, initially introduced by Apple, are small, coin-shaped devices designed to help users locate lost items using Apple’s Find My network. While AirTags have proven popular for finding lost keys, bags, and other personal items, their potential misuse has also raised concerns.

To address these issues, Apple had previously rolled out an update to its iOS devices alerting users when an unknown AirTag was detect moving with them over a period of time. However, this feature was only available for iOS users, leaving Android users potentially vulnerable to unauthorized tracking.

In light of this, Google and Apple’s joint initiative aims to extend this protective feature to Android users, providing a significant boost to user safety across platforms. Android phones will soon be able to detect nearby AirTags and alert the user if any suspicious activity is noticed.

This move emphasizes the importance both companies place on privacy and safety for their users. It also indicates a growing trend in the tech industry towards greater cross-platform cooperation for the benefit of user security.

As of now, it is unclear when this update will roll out, but Google and Apple have committed to making this feature available as quickly as possible. This collaboration marks an important step in ensuring that technology serves its purpose in making our lives easier, not jeopardizing our privacy and safety.

AirTag Detection

Android devices will have the ability to detect nearby AirTags. This feature will help to identify any unknown AirTag that might be moving along with the user.

Alert Notifications

If an unknown AirTag is detecte traveling with an Android user over a period of time, the device will automatically alert the user about this suspicious activity. These notifications aim to ensure users are aware they may be being tracked without their consent.

Information Display

The Android device will display information about that particular AirTag, including its serial number,If an unknown AirTag is detectes. This information could be crucial in identifying who the AirTag belongs to.

Instructions for Disabling AirTags

The alert will also provide instructions to users on how to disable the AirTag or report the situation, thus increasing personal safety.

Opt-Out Option

For those users who do not wish to have this feature activated on their Android devices, there will be an option to opt-out. However, it’s strongly recommended for user safety to keep the feature activated.

These new features will be integrate into Android’s system and will require users to update their devices when the feature becomes available. Both Google and Apple have stated that they are rolling out these changes as quickly as possible to ensure the safety of all smartphone users.

The collaboration is a significant step in acknowledging and addressing the potential risks of new technology. By extending the protective measures to Android users, Google and Apple are showing their dedication to enhancing privacy and safety across platforms.

Cross-Platform Cooperation

This joint initiative signals a significant move towards cross-platform cooperation in the tech industry, particularly around user security and privacy. Such collaborations could set a precedent for future cooperation among tech giants, fostering a more unified approach to addressing privacy concerns across devices and operating systems.



The introduction of anti-stalking AirTag alerts on Android marks the beginning of a new era in user safety and privacy. As Google and Apple team up to address this critical issue, users around the world can look forward to a safer, more secure experience with their devices.


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